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  • 20 Sep 2021

Trying to Remember Which Device To Access Your PDF Files?


Do you have a lot of PDF files that are saved everywhere on your laptop, tablet and smartphone?

And you just can’t remember which device you have saved the PDF files when you needed them most?

catTHIS is the perfect solution for anyone who has trouble accessing their files especially when you are on the go.


Here’s how catTHIS can help you:

1. Manage files from laptop, tablet or smartphone in one place i.e. catTHIS app

2. Automatically syncs with your laptop, tablet or smartphone so they are always up to date.

3. Access anytime, anywhere from laptop, tablet or smartphone


Bonus Tip:

You can create a folder with multiple PDF files you saved on catTHIS app and share them all in one link to your users.  The owner of files will get notification that someone saved their files.


It’s never been easier!

Best of all… you can enjoy FREE 20GB secure cloud storage and utilize all the features available!


“When you want to PROMOTE ANYTHING, go to catTHIS."

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