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  • 06 Sep 2021

Unauthorized Access Denied - The best way to share your data private information securely with catTHIS


Not all files are meant to be shared with the public…but it's hard to keep track of who has access.

catTHIS has this SECURE feature that all files uploaded will have an option to be set as private, only approved team members will have access through the shared link.

catTHIS solves this problem by providing an easy way for teams to share and store their most valuable assets online securely in one central location - where they can always be found and accessed when needed without having to search through emails or multiple cloud storage apps like Dropbox, Google Drive etc...

All you need to do is select the option to privatize your Catalog, and only recipients approved by you would be allowed to access your file.

It’s that simple!

Take advantage of secure sharing with catTHIS.

it’s FREE to use.


“When you want to PROMOTE ANYTHING, go to catTHIS."

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