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  • 03 Aug 2021

Upload UNLIMITED Numbers of Catalogs with FREE USAGE of 20GB space


Welcome to the Revolution of Catalog Marketing


Traditional marketing methods of printing and distributing Catalogs are expensive, ineffective and time consuming. But there is no better way to get the word out about your catalog than by reaching as many people as possible.

It can be costly when you have to pay for advertising or hire an employee just to manage and promote your Catalogs.

What if there’s a way to get FREE advertising for your business via Catalogs?

catTHIS offers an innovative solution for you to share your Catalogs with potential customers without having any technical knowledge or spending a single cent. You can upload your own Catalog in minutes with our easy-to-use platform.

Get FREE 20GB cloud storage for your Catalogs, with no catch!

We want to make file-sharing easy and convenient for everyone.

Upload your product Catalogs for FREE on catTHIS app Today!

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