All Your Catalogs In One Place

Store, Manage, Share, Track, Communicate, Analyze.

With catTHIS app, you can keep your customers updated about new product updates and sales promotions in just a few clicks in ONE place - without having to print paper catalogs or spend time updating them one by one.

You'll love how easy it is to use catTHIS. Plus, it's the perfect way to save time & effort so you can focus on what's important - generating sales and running your business. Download catTHIS now!

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Even more Feature Rich

Your business is what makes you successful, and with catTHIS by your side it becomes even more powerful.

1. Upload

Upload PDF Catalogs, Images and Descriptions

2. Share

Share uploaded catalogs easily via Chat Apps and Social Media.

3. Analytics

View full list of those whom have saved your catalogs.

4. Organize

Save unlimited catalogs and organize them into folders.

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5. Privatize

The 'Privatize' function enables additional approval for dedicated recipients.

6. Video

Embed a YouTube Video to better enhance your catalogs.

7. News and Events

Push News and Events to selected Catalog followers.

8. QR Scanner

Easy way to scan and save catalogs.

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Video Testimonials

Over 100+ Video Testimonials and still counting!

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