General Questions

Save your printing costs, save the earth by converting your printed catalogs into digital version.

With catTHIS, you have the ability to manage all whom have saved your catalogs, all in one place. All followers of your respective catalogs will be updated whenever you make changes to it.

Yes, catTHIS Phone App is available for download on all Android and iOS users.

Yes, catTHIS is absolutely free-of-charge to use. Each signup user is entitled to upload UNLIMITED catalogs of up to a maximum free space of 50MB. Catalogs uploaded in catTHIS can be sent to anyone, anywhere, and from any of your Android or iOS devices.

You can easily send your uploaded catalogs via chat apps contacts like SMS, WhatsApp, WeChat, Line, Kakao, and many others, or simply by recipients’ email addresses.

Yes, a unique QR code is generated for each uploaded catalog. You may show the QR code and catTHIS phone app users can simply scan and save your respective catalog.

They will receive a message that you have sent them a catalog. A URL link will be attached for recipient to save your catalog.

Yes, you will be able to view the entire list of those who have saved your catalogs. I have many catalogs uploaded to catTHIS, and one or some of my catalogs of products.

Yes, you are able to send messages to those whom have saved your catalogs via catTHIS In-App Messaging Platform, and vice-versa, your catalog followers will also be able to send messages to you. Mutual “Block Functions” will also be available.

Yes, there is a “Privatise” selection in the upload process of your catalog. Your privatised catalogs would require you to approved anyone who request to save your catalog.

Yes, you will be able to post news or events to one or multiple catalogs of yours, and those whom have saved these respective catalogs will receive these news or events updates.

Yes, all your catalog followers will always be viewing the latest version of your catalogs at all times.

You may refer to our Pricing Plan to upgrade your space.