General Questions

Given that you already have a printed version of your catalog through a PDF file, that file can be used as a digital version. Download catTHIS, upload your PDF and explore the wonders that this app has to offer while saving our earth.

With catTHIS, you have the ability to manage all whom have saved your catalogs, all in one place. All followers of your respective catalogs will be updated whenever you make changes to them.

catTHIS is available on Desktop and MobileApp versions. You may download it on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Yes, catTHIS is absolutely FREE-OF-CHARGE to all users. We provide all users with a minimum 20GB of FREE SPACE where you can upload UNLIMITED number of catalog uploads with full access to all the features in the app.

Uploading catalogs into catTHIS is easy and self-explanatory. It is only 4 simple steps to successfully upload a catalog:
i) Upload your PDF file
ii) Fill in your Catalog Title and Brief Description
iii) Upload Catalog Preview Image in JPEG file
iv) Embed a YouTube Video and/or insert your preferred URL Link (Optional)

You can easily share your uploaded PDF via mobile communication apps like iMessage, WhatsApp, WeChat, Line, and many other related chat apps. You can even share your uploaded catalogs via email and social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.

Yes, a unique permanent QR code is generated for every uploaded PDF. You may show the QR code and the recipient can simply scan and save your respective catalog. The QR code is still usable even after you update or replace your catalog.

Your recipients will receive a message through the social medium you chose, and the message will relay a URL link. Once tapped, it will direct the recipient to the mobile web browser. If recipient has an installed catTHIS mobile app, clicking on the URL link will automatically launch the catTHIS mobile app.

Yes, you will be able to view the entire list of those who have saved your catalogs. You will also be able to view analytics of number of views for each catalog. Please take note that this feature is ONLY for catalog owners.

Yes, you can send messages to those whom have saved your catalog via catTHIS In-app Live Chat, and vice-versa, your catalog followers will also be able to send messages to you. Mutual “Block Functions” are also available.

Yes, there is a “Privatize” selection in the upload process of the catTHIS app. Your privatized catalog would require your approval to be viewed and saved by any recipient.

Yes, you will be able to post news or events of one or multiple catalogs of yours on the News & Events feature of catTHIS. Those whom have saved these respective catalogs will receive notifications of such news, events or updates.

Yes, all your catalog followers will always be viewing the latest version of your PDF catalog and other updated content.

Yes, you can organize UNLIMITED number of catalogs into a folder and share the entire folder. It works the same way as sharing an individual catalog. A unique QR Code will also be generated for each folder created.